Day #1

Last year my grandmother went to see a fortune teller/shaman/charlatan – whatever you’d like to call it, because she was very concerned about the fact that a) I was not married at the age of 25 and b) that I didn’t even have a boyfriend who could potentially fulfil her dream of becoming a great-grand mother.  I don’t believe that those points were the motivation for her visit. I’m convinced that she was tired of having nothing to say to her chums about my relationship status, when their grand kids were married off and starting their own families.

The shaman told her that I would be married by the end of 2105, begging of 2016 – at the latest. Obviously, if the shaman said it, it must be true. Obviously. I went along with this shambles as it gave my grandmother a new purpose of non-existent wedding planning and speculating about who would be the lucky chap, out of the list of my exes, sons/grandsons of the friends/second cousins…well the list is endless.

Despite my skepticism but also wanting to test her theory I’ve decided to take a slightly different approach to dating and decided to start a blog about it. That was mid-January 2016 and this blog is not about the initial idea described above.

I went on one date using my new theory (basically put on my Tinder profile – ‘want to get married this year, any takers’) – obviously not so crassly but the message was relayed. I screenshot every message we’d exchanged in the two-three days prior to The Date and started drafting my blog post to tell my potential readers on how my crazy theory was working out. We had a date on Wednesday. On Sunday of that same week I was engaged…to a different guy.